Friday, 15 April 2011

7 THIng i HATE abOUT yoU!!!

I didn’t like you pinch me when I’m driving, it’s so painful
I hate you because everything that I like to do, there is something I like, there is someone that I like, my football club fan, my favourite color, my favourite food, you also like the same with me. Eish busybody betul.
I hate you so kind with me, that’s make me uncomfortable. 
i hate you when you keep quite for a couple day. You make me so worried and make me stumble down,
i want throw your fon because there is have angry bird and many game that my fone wasn’t have it even one game. Xsuka sangatttttttt.
I didn’t like you staring at the other girl. Because I’m jeles you noe. So stop staring at sexiest girl when you with me, stop it!!! U can do that when you were not with me at all.
I hate you the most because you make me miss your smile, your laugh, your smelled, the way you touch me, your annoying voice, your sight. I hate that. I really hate you!!

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